Beetroot Chicken Roast

What did I read BEETROOT , beeeetroot 😱😱😱yes you heard it right it’s beetroot chicken roast . But why beetroot ? Why you playing with chicken ? Are you gone nuts ? Don’t take this new healthy eating strategy ? I will never fall for your tactics to make me eat vegetables …… well these were the initial comments I heard a year back or more when I introduced this innovative dish to my family .

Yeah it’s like one of those wild combinations , not wild better to frame it as unlikely combination for any chicken lovers . But you need to trust me this have won many hearts and it’s that one dish …that makes them to think about me and talk about me . Many recipes are there out in YouTube and blogs and to get something of your own style or your own way is actually kind of impossible because most of the recipes are kind of the same or just little altered version . It’s at that time my friend comes up with this . Okay I don’t know where she got this from . May Allah bless her for sharing this with me . When she handed it over to me I added my little sauce experiments and made it little more to my taste buds .

Years back , once we had a party at my home. My husbands friends and family , all of them from calicut , big time Foodies , critics and chefs . I am some one who loves to experiment recipes but can’t say I love cooking or that’s my passion . Because of that I never liked the party idea and to cook for 30 people , Anyways I took it as challenge and cooked all naadan (kerala style ) recipes with a fusion twist . The food was hit the guest and the main host (my hubby) were super impressed . I can’t really recollect what all I cooked as it was some time back , but stood out were mutton roast with Thai sweet chilly sauce , idiyappam fried rice and also Kerala style stuffed chicken but in Pakistani curry flavor . So this friend who ate my food , loved and she shared her two experiments i.e beetroot chicken and rasmalai cheese cake (cheesecake which I tried and was a flop) . So I need to thank her for sharing this with me . I had many silly doubts and she was so patient enough to clear all … literally I convinced my mind a week to cook this , cause she was just raving and raving of how it would be and I used to voice message her all my dumb questions .

A year back I did introduce this to Jorenq a Fb Foodie platform I love and many did try and did love it there too . Yesterday morning one of my friend messaged me saying she saw this recipe , I guess she saw it there only and said her kids loved it the most and the bowl was clean wiped. It’s then I thought , I need to share it to all of you too . By today few of you already did try it out seeing my stories and Alhamdulillah for sharing to me the feedback…… I love all your suggestions, feedbacks and supports .

Ok I wanted to ask one thing first how many of you really like Beetroot here ? I feel it’s one vegetable that has mixed response . Dont you guys agree to me ? Like in my home my co-sis loves beetroot to core , she can have lunch any time with beetroot. I am not a great fan of it , yes I don’t mind them in my vegetable cutlets or in puddings …… Other than that I am not a great fan of beetroot avatars , my husband hates it …. hates means he doesn’t like any vegetables . So that’s what I said beetroot has mixed response , but this dish will change your attitude towards beetroot, take my word you will respect beetroot for ever . ( too hyped and over dramatic isn’t 😉) Not making you guys bored sharing my stores , take it right away .

Some of the FAQ –

  • Basically there is no fixed quantities, when my friend shared she just said the idea and for you guys I figured out a quantity yesterday while cooking but that can be tweaked , when you taste you can understand and accordingly play with the sauces …. Also the beetroot you can use as per your liking . I normally use 1 big , big means the biggest I select that is decently more than one cup when grated , or two medium ones . Yesterday the grocery guy delivered five small ones and I used all the five.
  • I guarantee you , there is no beetroot taste , well when I cook I don’t get it … it’s more like a chicken chilly roast or chicken 65 that kind . Yes beetroot has sweet taste , the green chilly and the sauces will adjust it .
  • The sauce mix is a mix of soya , tomato ketchup and Thai chilly sauce , if you don’t have that Thai chilly sauce do use any chilly sauce or siracha sauce and just add little honey or sugar to balance the sour and spice .
  • The other main ingredient is coconut oil and curry leaves it’s must . That’s what it gives the taste , I haven’t tried in any other oil . If you do , please let me know .
  • The chicken with bones in small cut or chicken chilly cut is the best for this , yesterday I mixed few breast pieces and chicken cuts and I felt the chicken with bones were better tasting .
  • Chicken needs to have a simple marination of ginger garlic paste , pepper crushed and salt . So keep this marinated ahead for the chicken to be flavorful


Chicken Marination

Chicken -1 (around 950 gms I used , cut it small )

Ginger Garlic paste – 1 tbs

Pepper crushed – 1tbs


Marinate the above on chicken and keep aside .

For Roast

Onion – 1 big chopped small

Curry leaves – 2 hand full( I can’t explain how much , the more the merrier)

Green chilly -6 nos ( more if you needed spicy )

Dry Red Chilly flakes – 1 tbs (more or less as per your spice level)

Garam Masala – 1/2 tbs

Coconut oil – 1/2 cup ( or less accordingly )

Beetroot- 1 big (or more finely grated )

Sauce mix ( giving one idea only you can change according to your liking )

Soya sauce -1 tbs

Tomato ketchup -3tbs

Thai chilly sauce – 5 tbs ( Or if using green chilly sauce , hot sauce or siracha sauce – 3 tbs and 1/2 tbs honey mixed )

Mix all the above and keep


  • Add the marinated chicken to a pressure cooker and cook in low fire for one whistle , and allow it to cool naturally. No water or oil was added as chicken does have little water and fat content .
  • In a fry pan or any roasting pan , pour in coconut oil (3 tbs first ) and then add the chilly flakes and onions chopped sauté it . Add in the green chilly and one handful of curry leaves … you could smell a good aroma .
  • Then add in the sauce mix , what I do is I mix the sauces together in a bowl and I pour half first and pour in the remaining later only .
  • Then add in the grated beetroot , add coconut oil if required , sauté it well ( if you need more sauce add it at this stage ) . The beetroot can be cooked as per your liking , if you like it crunchy then stop at that stage . I love it really well cooked , where no one can understand its beetroot and pick it out .
  • When it’s almost Roast , add in the chicken with the little stock and add in the curry leaves , and coconut oil (2 tbs ) and roast it well . Dry roast till it becomes like a caramelized Masala , the white boiled chicken becomes pink first and then dark red brown . Add in salt and check the flavor , yesterday I used siracha sauce it was little spicy so I had to add in little more honey to make the taste perfect . If you feel to add little more coconut oil . Add in 1 tbs more and sauté well .

This tastes well with khameer a kind of batoora, but yesterday we had it with porotta .

Few of my followers reviews

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  1. nice.. 🙂 beetroot is also very good for health… it increases blood in our body..


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